In March 2013 I decided to cure my own bacon.  I did.  I tasted.  I LOVED.

Over the past couple of years I have cured bacon using several recipes I came up with.  From an Italian inspired ‘Porchetta’ Breakfast Bacon (still my wife’s favorite), to a Sweet and Spicy Pepper Bacon (now named Babb’s Pepper Bacon after Mr. Babb who cannot get enough of the stuff) , from crazy things like Coffee and Chocolate cured Maple bacon, to Cajun Bacon with jalapeno peppers, from an Indian inspired Garam Masala Bacon to a Buffalo Chicken spiced Bacon.  I have smoked it using apple, cherry, oak, hickory, and several combinations in between.

Now it is time to get serious.  My brother and I are seriously looking into going into business.  One of the parts of the business will be to cure and sell this bacon.  We love the thought of sourcing local ingredients, curing bacon the artisan way (small batches, dry cured, sliced and packaged by hand) and having the ability to be creative and to have fun with the recipes that we create!

So, here is to the future.  May it bring tasty bacon to the masses.


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