Lamb Ribs – I know it is not bacon!

I came across this post that I wrote for Code 3 Spices tonight.  I love lamb, and I love lamb ribs so I thought I’d pass along this recipe, even thought it ain’t bacon…. but mind you that I wll be doing lamb bacon before too long.

Check it out.  For those of you who long to grill and/or smoke meat this is a great article with a couple of my recipes for smoked lamb ribs.

Where do you get lamb ribs you might ask?  I always get mine from Frandeka’s Meat Market in Soulard Market.

Oh, and while you are at it, take a look at the rubs and spices offered by Code 3 Spices.  I use them ALL the time AND you can feel good about buying them because part of the purchase always goes to a great cause.

Anywho….  here is a link to the article.  Lamb Ribs 2 Ways


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