The New Toy – Slicing Made Easy (I hope)…

Click Here for the review of this slicer

Well, I finally broke down and purchased a new commercial slicer.  Got so tired of fighting with cheaper, home quality slicers that would constantly not slice evenly, spit the slab out the back end of the slicer or just shred the slices.

I searched the world over and found a 10″ entry level commercial slicer that I think will do the job well for me.  Gets really good reviews on Amazon.  I purchased it through and so far am very pleased.  Just got it today.  The customer service there is really good too, responded to my questions today in a very timely manner and were very polite.

Here it is:  10″ Best Choice Slicer

Free shipping ad no sales tax is always good too.

I know, it is not a Hobart or a Berkel, but I cannot afford those and I really think this one will serve me well…  I hope.  I have not slice anything yet.  Hey, I just got it and all my bacon is still curing.  I’ll slice something up this weekend and write a review on it for anyone who is interested.

That is all.  Good night.

This one is mine!
This one is mine!

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