Where I buy my pork belly.

I’ve been searching around for places to buy pork belly.  I have found 4 so far so I thought I’d post what I have found.

1.  Frandeka Meat ShopSoulard Market – St. Louis, MO

I love this place.  They do keep pork belly on hand.  It is frozen, usually in 3 to 5 pound slabs.  Ask the guys behind the counter an they will let you pick out the slabs you want.  They get their deliveries in  on Thursdays so if you can make it there on a Thursday or a Friday you will have the best pickings.

They also carry everything from goat and raccoon (yes, raccoon) to lamb, beef, pork, alligator,  bison….   if you have not been there before it is a must.

2.  Jay’s International Foods – South Grand, St. Louis, MO
3172 South Grand, St. Louis MO, 63118

Another great place to shop.  Authentic international/ Asian market.  If you go to the back of the store, to the right is the meat counter.  They have slabs of fresh belly.  The ones I got were about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds each at $2.95 per pound.  This is the best price per pound I have found so far.  The guys behind the counter were very nice and let me select the pieces I wanted.

Jay’s International also has a great selection of fish, seafood, and many exotic (at least to me) foods from around the world.  I truly enjoy just walking through the store seeing what there is and wondering what the heck you do with much of it.

My last trip, along with the pork belly, I purchased a whole octopus for a Greek octopus salad and a whole red snapper which I grilled.

3.  Zerna’s Meat and Used Cars – Grey Summit, MO
2231 Highway 100, Labadie, MO. Tel: 636-742-4190

Yes, you heard me right.  Behind the used car lot is a meat market.  And a darn good one.  The couple who run the place are incredibly knowledgeable   and helpful.  She runs the front of the store and he is in back butchering the meat.  I called last week and was told they have pork belly slabs at $3.99 per pound.

They have AWESOME buffalo jerky and summer sausage which they smoke themselves.  They also carry fresh pork, beef, buffalo, and many other sausages, smoked meats.   Please check them out if you are ever that far out Highway 44.

4.  Don’s Meat Markethttp://www.donsmeatmarket.com/
4012 South Broadway, St. Louis MO 63118

Great service and an awesome assortment of quality meats.  I purchased a case (about 50 pounds) of pork belly in slab form at $2.59 a pound.  This will be a regular place for me.  Check them out.

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